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Najma Nuriddin of Nsoroma Films LLC established in 2010 is “dedicated to telling organic stories that are unique to the human experience from a cultural perspective. We bridge people and communities together through the arts, striving to be a catalyst for a creative revolution. “Our history is full of rich experiences that must be told and shared. A story untold is a story unknown,” is a native Californian with a B.A in Speech and Communication from San Francisco State University and a Masters in Fine Arts in Film from Howard University. While in her masters program, Najma has shot, directed, edited and produced various film projects and continues on post-graduate school.

Shaw Speaks (2008) Najma’s first short documentary to shoot, edit, write and produce as a
graduate student that won best documentary at the Howard University Paul Robeson
Awards; focuses on a neighborhood in Washington D.C. that has and is experiencing
gentrification. This documentary takes a close look at Shaw, interviewing new and native
residents, compiling together the many changes Shaw has endured.

Art of Life (2009) An independent project written, directed and edited by Najma was a personal story about balancing work as an artist and life in regards to our personal relationships with our significant others. Sky, a passionate and emotional artist, is experiencing a crossroads in this journey called life. Through Sky’s journey as an artist, she is coming to realize that maybe Manta, the man she has maintained a loving relationship with over the years, may not or could have never truly understood her as an artist.

Brothas -N- Arms (2010) This experimental documentary, a complete one-woman production
by Najma is a glimpse into the lives of two best friend artists and their journey in this world as
they continue to work towards their goal of full-time professional artists but remaining true to
themselves all the while. (Front page write-up in The Hilltop Newspaper)

A Lovers Call (2012) directed, written, edited and produced by Najma, is a short poetic narrative about a potential love between two persons on two different spiritual paths. This film has screened at the 1st Annual Anacostia Film Festival in Washington DC, Hyattsville Library: Independent Film Series, Black Star Film Festival in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (write-up in The Philadelphia Inquirer) and the Black August Film Festival in Harlem, New York, and the Zanzibar International Film Festival.